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25 days ago

I'm Not With My Paralysed BF For A Green Card | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

ROCKY, better known as RockyNoHands is an online gamer. At 19 years old he was paralysed from the neck down after an accident. He explained to Love Don't Judge: "I was at a party wrestling around with this kid and he just dropped me on my head and I broke my neck." The incident changed his life forever, "before that, I had two, almost three jobs, I had a lot of friends, was the captain of a hockey team, and after I broke my neck all that was gone. So, over the years I had to find new things to do, new hobbies, a new career and new friends," he said. Rocky now has a successful career streaming himself playing video games with just his mouth, using a device called a Quad Stick. He first came to know his now fiancé Jacquelyn in 2017. We first met online through Twitch, someone from our community gifted us subs to each other. Me and my buddies were on a Discord call and they started saying you should ask her if she wants to play Fortnite and they dared me, so I did it and she said yes," Rocky explained. "The rest is history," Jacquelyn quipped. The pair fell in love online and eventually met in person when she travelled from her home on the Gold Coast to Michigan to meet Rocky. They were dating long-distance, but once the COVID lockdowns hit they were separated for two years. Jacquelyn eventually decided to permanently move to the US to be with him. Sharing their love story online has garnered a lot of support and praise, however, many have questioned Jacquelyn's intentions. Rocky explained: "I get judged a lot obviously, for being a guy who plays video games with his mouth so this one is just a little bit more personal because it's about someone else that I love other than myself. I'd rather they just make fun of me." Negative comments include, 'she wants easy money', 'bet she's f***ing other dudes' and 'congrats on getting yourself a carer'. Jacquelyn spoke in her own defence, "What people don't realise is that coming here I'm a long way from home. I'm a long way from my family and I'm very close to my family so coming here for him is why I'm here. I wouldn't be doing it for any other reason." The couple are able to brush off the haters, instead embracing their life together. "The things that I would like to say to the people that judge me is, mind your own Ps and Qs and Mama said, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all."
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