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Million Dollar Baby

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11 hours ago

Million Dollar Baby 2004

Untrained, inexperienced, and above all, too old, the plucky thirty-one-year-old waitress from Missouri, Maggie Fitzgerald, sets foot in the run-down Hit Pit gym of the silver-haired trainer, Frankie Dunn, bent on becoming a professional boxer. But, the cantankerous, coarse, and overly complicated old-school boxing guru has no intention of teaching girls, let alone taking under his wing yet another nobody who would dump him for another manager. Nevertheless, as her determination, and the subtle persuasion of Dunn's closest friend, Eddie, get the best of the reluctant mentor, Frankie finally relents, and almost two years later, Maggie finds herself on the fast track to making her dream come true. Little by little, an unbreakable father/daughter bond develops between them, and for the first time in a long while, both Dunn and Maggie have found a purpose in their lives. Is Maggie, indeed, Frankie's million-dollar baby?

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