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Kazakhstan national football team

4 years ago

The Wettest Football Match In History - Kazakhstan League Match Played In Ankle Deep Water

WATER joke! You can't play in conditions like this!

That's what a Premier League ref would have said if faced with a pitch half-submerged in water.

But in Kazakhstan they do things differently as an unknown league match took place on the wettest pitch you will EVER see.

There is so much water on field that a tanker has been drafted in to hoover up the damp DURING the game.

The area around the corner flag is so ridiculously flooded that the poor player taking the set-piece can only watch as the ball floats away when he puts it down.

In fairness to the corner-taker, he and a team-mate work some skilful magic to fire the ball into the area only to see it returned back to the ankle-deep water!

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