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13 days ago

Last Two Survivors In Valencia - Going to the Supermarket and Viveros Park

For 91 Days Travel Blog
For 91 Days Travel Blog
It's hard to believe that we're in this situation of being the last two survivors in Valencia for almost 6 month. Nothing really changed and we're living from day to day - we haven't been posting new videos but what just happened we thought we should record (if someone sees it or not).

We receive comments from people asking what we eat and after the first two weeks it was reduced to only processed food, since anything fresh has been spoiled. We did start to grow some of our own vegetables and went out to the surrounding fields of Valencia to pick fruits.

But something odd happened this morning when we went to our supermarket - all the fresh produce has been replaced with actual fresh ones and all the shelves have been restocked. What's going on? Who did that? Maybe it happens every 6 month? We couldn't believe our eyes when we walked in!

Also in this video we took a walk to the Viveros Garden, of course with nobody else in it except for us.

Our first Last Survivor Video:


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