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19 days ago

Injecting Synthol Gave Me 28 Inch Biceps

Barcroft TV
Barcroft TV
TONY Geraldo, 52, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has gigantic 28" biceps - earning him the nickname ‘Hulk’. But Tony’s extraordinary arms do not come from hitting the gym, but from synthol - a type of oil injected into the muscle to enlarge their volume. He said: “I used to be really skinny, I weighed 49kg (108lbs) and didn’t even feel like going to the beach and taking my top off.” Determined to have a more muscular physique, Tony turned to synthol, injecting 3ml nine times a day, directly into his arms. Doctors say that such procedures can permanently damage the muscle, causing necrosis of the tissue. Tony also believes the weight of his supersized muscles have contributed to his current back problems - but says he still loves his cartoonishly oversized look. However, his wife Marimilia is not a fan. She said: “His arms are too hard, they feel like they are going to explode. He used to have a beautiful body. He wasn’t very muscular but I really liked his body when I met him. I have always been against him applying the injections.” But despite his wife’s objections, and the health ramifications, Tony is adamant that he has no regrets. He said: “I don’t regret using the substance, it gave me what I wanted. I don’t regret anything, my body is my temple.”
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