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Alicia Keys

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10 days ago|143 views

I Lost 115lbs - Now People Think I'm Alicia Keys | BRAND NEW ME

Barcroft TV
Barcroft TV
A WOMAN has lost 115lbs - and now gets mistaken for Alicia Keys. Rosie from Atlanta, Georgia weighed 275lbs at her heaviest, at age 22. She told Truly: "I felt like I had to hide in the corner, in the shadows and let everyone else be their happy normal selves, because I was ‘too fat’ to be any of those things.” Rosie began creating vision boards, with her inspiration of her ‘dream self’ - including photos of celebrities and empowering words. She also began jump roping and hula hooping, and lost 115lbs in nine months. She now weighs 160lbs, and gets mistaken for singer Alicia Keys in the street. She said: “A lot of the times I get confused for Alicia Keys, I think that’s so funny.”
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