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Lucas Digne

10 days ago

Artist has created a stunning life-like mural in the home gym of Premier League and France footballer Lucas Digne

An artist has created a stunning life-like mural in the home gym of Premier League and France footballer Lucas Digne.

Artist Emma Kenny, 29, spent 150 hours over a two-week period completing the 25-square-metre art in the Aston Villa star's home in Sainte-Maxime, France.

Emma said: "The original hand-painted artwork includes four life-size portraits of Digne in different kits representing his career over the last decade.

"Starting at Barcelona, with the backdrop of Camp Nou, moving to Everton and then most recently to Aston Villa and with a final portrait of him in his national team kit."

The Digne mural isn't Emma's first commission from a Premier League star.

Last year she painted a mural in the home gym of Arsenal and Ukraine defender Oleksandr Zinchenko, which went viral at the time.

Emma captioned the video: "Last night I completed my most time-consuming project to date.

"Although it was less than half the size of my first footballer’s mural, it was far more complex, detailed and equally as challenging.

"There is, of course, the not-so-minor plus of the job being in the south of France.

"So most stresses was soothed by the sea breeze and exhaustion lessened by an overload of vitamin D.

"Any mural project leaves me a little deflated and lost when it finally concludes - and this gets heightened when I’ve stayed away from home, where I’ve inevitably created a bizarre bubble that can be liberating and lonely all at once.

"I’m going to jump right in and say that these last three weeks have been the peak of my career so far.

"It’s highly plausible that my bubble is yet to burst and is currently filled with the stench of black coffee, second-hand smoke and the croissants flying through the cafe I’m sat in - something that can only be romanticised in France.

"Regardless, the task was undeniably mammoth-sized - shown by the 150+ hours it took me to complete, spread thickly across 14 days.

"There can always be more that can be done on a mural, and packing up before I’m 100% pleased is something I’m slowly coming to terms with.

"That being said, the client is happy, so I’m happy… and I’m flying back to a sunny UK so I can’t really complain!"

Emma was born and raised in south-east London and studied art up until her A-Levels, but took a "leap of faith" to become a full-time artist when the pandemic hit.
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