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Top Chef

26 days ago

"Top Chef" Winner Melissa King Explains Restaurant Kitchen Slang & Reveals Her Own Definition of ‘Yes, Chef’

"Top Chef" winner Melissa King stopped by the StyleCaster studio and we tested her knowledge of common restaurant slang, such as “fire,” “86,” “SOS”, “mise,” “à la minute,” “waxing the table,” and of course, “Yes, chef," made famous by the show, "The Bear."

“To me, it was the world I lived in for so long, where you don’t question your chef and whatever they tell you to do, you just say, ‘Yes, chef.’ It’s so funny to see it become such a pop culture reference,” King told STYLECASTER for her cover story about the phenomenon of the phrase “yes, chef” after Hulu’s "The Bear," which she “refuses” to watch. She continued, “I can’t watch it. I refuse. I’m sure it’s a fantastic show, but if you ask anyone in the restaurant industry, I think they’d be a little triggered by pressing play on that.”

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Melissa King is the cover star of STYLECASTER’s November issue, The Culture Issue, which highlights food and travel experiences across the world. Check it out here: https://stylecaster.com/travel-trends-2022/

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