The Edge Galerie

The Edge is more than a premier weekly packed with incisive commentaries and reports on everything financial in Malaysia and around the globe.

While corporate news remains our mainstay, in response to the interests of our readers, we have over the years evolved to also cover inspiring lifestyle stories as well as the arts and culture. And we have noticed the growing interest in the world of art collection. The community of collectors is expanding, boosted both by rising affluence and greater appreciation of fine arts.

While some choose to see in art an investment tool, others maintain art works are to be enjoyed. Then there are those who equate art ownership with a ‘we have arrived’ statement. Be that as it may, buying and selling artwork is becoming more and more popular.

Big money is involved.

As a media group, we would like to play our role to both inform and help guide our readers on art investment.

Towards this end, The Edge held its inaugural auction of modern and contemporary Malaysian art on 29 June 2013 under The Edge Auction event. Total sales achieved, amounted to RM2.5 million and in the process, a dozen new records were set for works of local artists.

Guided by integrity and credibility, we have on board an auction vetting panel comprising serious art enthusiasts who are highly respected and successful in their own professional field.

Our motivation is to facilitate more transparency in the art business and investment process. To achieve this, art auctions will be one feature of a holistic approach we will take.

In June of 2013, we also unveiled The Edge Galerie. This is a full-fledged art gallery complemented by a dedicated art website. Through this, we hope to provide easy access to credible news and information about everything art.

In short, we want to be your window to the world of art investment and appreciation.