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This is a channel for science enthusiasts who are in school or college searching for scientific things in a simple, easy and understandable way. A place where you can learn science. We are thankful for your suggestions and the interest that you have shown in reading our articles. This is an initiative to encourage the students at the school level to develop an interest in the subject of science. This is the combined effort of the members from Ramanujan Shodh Sansthaan , Scienceteen Education and Mathematical Way. Scientific research at an advanced level can only be possible if the interest to pursue Science and Mathematics is developed at the school level. Through this, we are making efforts to present the basic principles of science in a simple and interesting way. we will be thankful for your worthy suggestions. For any queries, you can write to us at We want to encourage the students to write their own articles and publish here. Our ultimate aim is to promote science education among the students.