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BMVA 2022 NOMINEES | Most Trashy

Berlin Music Video Awards
Berlin Music Video Awards
Let's give a round of applause to the 2022 nominees for the MOST TRASHY category!

This category will make you forget all about social conventions. Be ready for some crazy, risky, and daring stuff! These music videos are there to redefine your artistic horizon.

Our compilation is only a sneak peek of the nominees’ videos… Make sure to watch the full music videos… all your desires could become real.

Small reminder: Our festival will take place from the 8th to the 11th of June, and many of the nominees will be there. We look forward to meeting you all there! ✨

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“Ich Hasse Kinder” - Till Lindemann
Label: Vertigo Berlin, Universal Music Germany
Director: Serghey Grey
Producer: Anar Reiband

“Turn It Up” - Oliver Tree & Little Big (ft. Tommy Cash)
Label: Atlantic Records
Director/writer: Alina Pasok, Oliver Tree & Iliya Prusikin

“Mammamia” - Måneskin
Label: Sony Music
Production company: Prettybird (Juliette Larthe, Chris Murdoch)
Director/writer: Rei Nadal

“XOXOY2K” - Alaska Thunderfuck
Label: PEG Records
Production company: Brad Hammer Productions, Producer Entertainment Group
Director/writer: Brad Hammer & Nick Laughlin

“Exchanging Hats” - N*de Poetry
Director/writer: Simon Thaur

“Candyshop” - Maruv
Label: Sony Music
Production company: Magnit Production
Director/writer: Serge Vane

“Excuses” - Mentis ft. Kate Wild
Label: Columbia
Production company: Stink
Director/writer: Eoin Glaister

“Ovala” - Taycan
Label: Put Out
Director: Fırat Gürgen

“In Need Of Repair” - Band Of Horses
Label: BMG
Production company: Easy Pete's
Director/writer: Zach Tavel

“Yellow Fingers” - Attawalpa
Label: Attawalpa records
Production company: Planet Froth Productions
Director/writer: Sebastian Strasser