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Duet JAC & CO - La foule / Piaf

Jacques Pellarin
Duet JAC & CO
Singer /Corinne Pellarin
Composer accordionist /Jacques Pellarin
Song" La foule" by Lyrics Michel Rivgauche et Music Ángel Cabral - Sung by Edith Piaf


Born in june 2011 in Savoie (France), the band Jac & Co is composed of Corinne and Jacques Pellarin, a french married duo.

Their eclectic music repertoire, made of french classics songs (Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Charles Aznavour, Juliette Gréco, Charles Trenet, Dalida, etc), many international songs (Cole Porter, Pink Martini, etc), evocations of soundtracks (« Un Homme, une Femme », etc) or Jacques Pellarin’s originals compositions (tango, latin music, gypsy music, french songs and Paris, etc) already led them to several tours in USA and UK, but also to many concerts in France and Switzerland.