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4 years ago

Wolfenstein | Ten Minutes of Wolfenstein 3D Gameplay

Cuz sometimes you just wanna play some DOS games, y'know?

I used GeeTee's WASD+Mouse fix from the Steam Community forums to have somewhat bearable controls playing such a dated game. You can find his fix here:

I personally didn't like that this fix forced the game back into the old 4:3 aspect ratio. If you don't end up liking it either, here's how to switch it back to a 16:9 aspect ratio:

1. right-click the "wolf3d.conf" file in the fix once its extracted and choose "Open With"

2. Use Notepad and erase the line "fullresolution=desktop", then save and exit.

3. That's it. It'll be back to 16:9

Keep in mind this applies to the Steam Version of the game, I don't know of either the fix or the aspect ratio thing will work with other versions of the game. Also, if you plan on using the fix, it works best with a fresh install of the game, as having changed any settings causes your character to lock up once the fix gets applied.

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