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16 hours ago

JESUS at the Vatican?

D.D.P. studios Inc.
D.D.P. studios Inc.
Celebrating Pride in Toronto with a viewing of JESUS MEETS THE GAY MAN Comedic Documentary at the Vatican Gift Shop Bar and Grill in T.O.

"It's Not a Christian Film, It's Not a Gay Film, It's a Film about the Human Condition." A story of reconciliation, forgiveness and renewal wrapped in Monty Python-like sketches and a jazzy dance number, JESUS MEETS THE GAY MAN is a fun documentary that will have you see Jesus in a new light, while at the same time convincing you to work on your abs! Developed by looking at the questions of what Jesus would have said or done if He had met a gay person, the film aims to bridge the gap between Christians and the homosexual community, who have been at odds on this issue, with critical thinking and humor. In this age of so much information on the Bible and on the topic of homosexuality, can the LGBTTiQQ2SAA and the Christians find forgiveness?
~ “We love to find films that are unique and completely unexpected, and Jesus Meets the Gay Man qualifies for that distinction without a doubt”, said Richard Ross, Co-President of Breaking Glass. “Almost impossible to describe, the film is a documentary that is completely strange, somewhat demented, and absolutely hilarious.” ~

Cast: Fearless Fred, Carla Collins, Paul Bellini, Scott Thompson, Richard Ryder, Joe Nutter, PJ Phil Guerrero, Daniel Murphy, Dr. Rev. Brent Hawkes, Wendy Gritter, Dr. Paul Wood, Ruban Lawrence, Alex Bodnar, Sammy Allouba, Kotton Kandy, Matti McLean, and so much more with special comments from Rick Mercer, July Talk, Kenny vs Spenny, Emma Hunter, Dini Dimakos, Maggie Cassella, Heidi Mole. Directors: Jean-Claude Lafond, Phil Pendry Written by: Jean-Claude Lafond, Timothy F. H. Doucette Producers: Jean-Claude Lafond, Timothy F. H. Doucette

JESUS MEETS THE GAY MAN Genre: Comedy/Documentary Running Time: 107 min. Rating: 16+ Language: English Audio: Stereo DVD SRP: $19.99 UPC Code: 855184007273 iTunes, Prime Video, Comcast NBC, Verizon VU, Direct TV AT&T VOD