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12 years ago

Lets Go Get Lost - IsenSeven Films

X-Treme Video

This years movie from IsenSeven will give you everything you ever loved the crew for and more surprises than you can wave a stick at. Filled with more fun shredding than ever, high level riding, crazier intro´s and amazing journeys, this is surely going to be the highlight of the IsenSeven films. Celebrating their ten year aniversary, the crew is pumped to entertain you to the fullest. This movie is as IsenSeven as it gets !

Riders: André Kuhlmann, Michi Zirngibl, Fips Strauss, Tobi Strauss, Erik Botner, Ludwig Lejkner, Fredrik Evensen, Chris Patsch, Alex Tank, Tom Klocker, Anton Gunnarson, Marc Swoboda, Christophe Schmidt