One More is a full-service visual effects company based in the center of Paris. Our specialty services include: <br /> <br />Director support <br />We offer full creative support to the director and his creative team from the very first stages of development through to final delivery. <br /> <br />Production support <br />We are able to provide you with on-location VFX Supervisors who manage the effects team through final delivery as well as provide essential shooting decisions so as to ensure a smooth finished product. <br /> <br />In-house Directors <br />To expedite your productions needs, we are also able to provide experienced commercials directors who will enhance the final product and cater more specifically to the needs of the production. <br /> <br />Experienced graphic artists <br />Our team of graphic artists have been collected from and trained under from the top VFX houses in Europe. They have joined One More Production because of their desire for a more creative and independent approch towards providing cutting-edge effects. <br /> <br />We look forward to providing you with the best visual effects on your next project! <br /> <br />Check out our website on