Marc creates soundtracks for film & TV, produces albums and writes musicals.

He has worked with Dante Ariola, Aardman Animation, The Splinter Dance Group, Yves Geleyn, Noam Murro, Michael Geoghegan, David Hare, Timothy Walker and Michael White and his soundtrack credits include ‘The Shave’ and the VW Score nominated ‘Hearts’ and numerous TV and cinema commercials, including acclaimed global campaigns for Johnnie Walker, PlayStation 3, Coca-Cola and Orange.

His latest musical ‘Stuck On a Sunday’ was developed at the Royal Opera House under the OperaGenesis programme in collaboration with writers/lyricists Jason Morell & Timothy Walker. The UK Film Council are supporting the development of a feature animation of ‘Stuck On a Sunday’ directed by BAFTA-winning animator/director Marc Craste (who was Oscar shortlisted for ‘Varmints’, and won a BAFTA for ‘JoJo in the Stars’).

Marc has recently scored ‘Juliet and Her Romeo’ in collaboration with Tim Phillips for director Tom Morris (‘War Horse’, ‘Jerry Springer Opera’), Yves Geleyn’s animated film for La Gaîté Lyrique in collaboration with Bernd Wuertz (which premiered at Berlin’s Pictoplasma) and the soundtrack for Brad Watson’s feature thriller ‘Beacon 77’.

He is currently developing a musical based on ‘The Master & Margarita’ at the National Theatre Studio with co-composer Tim Phillips.

Other works include the opera 'Last Rites' in collaboration with writer Timothy Walker and the Twitter Opera, co-written with Helen Porter, which premiered at The Royal Opera House in summer 2009 and was nominated for a Guardian Innovation Award a ballet 'The Island of Komodo' with Bernd Wuertz

Marc recently completed the experimental pop album ‘Imakura’ with Bernd Wuertz and Japanese singer Ayu Okakita and is currently putting the finishing touches an album with producer Peter Challis and singer/songwriter Lucy Johnson.