California Consumer Privacy Act

This page is applicable to California residents only in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If you are not a California resident, please do not use this page. Note that when your Personal Information is sold by Dailymotion to third parties, it may be further re-sold by them. If you are a California resident, and would either like to opt out of the sale of your Personal Information by Dailymotion or of its re-sale by third parties (or reverse these decisions later on), then please select the appropriate options below. If you would like more information on the CCPA or under which conditions Dailymotion or one of the third parties Dailymotion works with may sell your Personal Information, please click on the links for the Privacy Policy and/or the Notice on the Collection and Sale of Your Personal Information.

As a California resident

To opt in to allowing the sale of your personal information by Dailymotion, enable the toggle button above. To opt out of the re-sale of your Personal Information by third parties, you must access those third parties’ Opt-Out Mechanisms. For those of the third parties who are signatories to the IAB “Limited Service Provider Agreement” the links to these Opt-Out Mechanisms are available here

Privacy PolicyNotice on the Collection and Sale of Your Personal Information


What is meant by ‘Personal Information’?

“Personal Information” – also called “PI” – is any information that identifies, relates to, describes or is capable of being associated with you, whether directly or indirectly. PI can be anything from your name or your email address to any unique identifier assigned to you by a website, your device’s IP address, information on the Internet browser you use or your geolocation data.

What is meant by ‘sale’ of Personal Information?

“Sale” or “sell” has its own meaning under the CCPA and covers more situations than you would traditionally consider to be a “sale.” Under the CCPA, a sale of your PI may occur when Dailymotion discloses your PI to a third party as part of our business activities even if we receive no money for the PI itself. What matters under the CCPA is that the PI is disclosed in exchange for some “valuable consideration.”

What kind of Personal Information might Dailymotion ‘sell’ to third parties? And why?

As we mentioned above, we don’t give your PI to third parties directly in exchange for money. Disclosure of your PI to third parties is done because it is necessary to ensure that the video content or ads you are shown on Dailymotion may be of interest to you and to provide reporting to content editors and advertisers. For example, we communicate data such as your Service ID (i.e. a digital ID number assigned to your device/browser combination by our Service), your partial IP address, information detected about the device you use to access our Service and, if we have it, our guess about your profile (e.g. age range, interests, etc. deduced based on your previous browsing history) so that those buying advertising space on our Service are able to show their ads to people they think would be most interested in them.

It is very important to know that we never disclose any information that might directly identify you (e.g. your name, your email address, your home address) to third parties and in most cases we don’t even have this information, since unlike some other online services or social networks, we do not ask you to open an account with us in order to access our Service. In addition, note that we never collect sensitive data such as your credit card information or your social security number.

What happens if I opt-out of the sale of my Personal Information?

If you choose to opt out of the sale of your PI by Dailymotion, we will stop selling your PI and will communicate your decision to our advertising partners. Note that we will continue to collect and use your PI to the extent needed to carry out our business activities (e.g. to conduct fraud detection, to check if there are territorial restrictions that apply to the content you attempt to view, etc.). We will also continue to communicate your PI to other companies; however, these companies will no longer be able to use your PI for their own business purposes nor will they be able to allow anyone else to do so. Note that normally, ads are tailored using both PI collected by Dailymotion and PI collected by advertisers. Your Opt-Out will not eliminate or in any way limit the number of ads you will see on our Service, but it will likely result in ads that correspond less to your interests as they will be tailored using only the PI that Dailymotion collected about you or that sold before your exercise of the Opt-Out right.

For more information on what Personal Information Dailymotion collects and what we do with it, please click on the links to our Privacy Policy and the Notice on the Collection and Sale of Your Personal Information above.