Layal Abboud

Layal Abboud is a Lebanese singer,born in south of Lebanon,singing was her biggest passion.
After graduating with a masters in English literature & in translation,she decided to pursue her lifelong passion.
With the support of her family she studied music and entered the entertainment world with steady feet.She appeared for the first time in the hit show " Studio El Fan" in 2001

She has realeased 2 albums to date and numerous other chart-topping singles
including : " Mashghoul Bali 3leik" - "Bjnoun" - " Ahla zaffe"- "Dinye Wlad" -" Shid El Jaroufe" -" Lazem Taaraf" - "Ma B3eesh

She is a member in the Syndicate of Professional artists in Lebanon.
She has realeased many Music Videos under the supervision of the directors: "Waleed Nassif" - " Rindala Kodeih" - " jean Richa" and many others.

Under her new management which is lead by Dory Shehade she is now preparing her 3rd album in which she collaborated with famous writers,composers and arrangers,this album will be released soon in Lebanon & the Middle East market.

" Ya ana Ya Ana" is the name of her latest song.

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