Laura Khalil

Laura Khalil is a Lebanese young artist born on September , in the city of Beirut.

She pursued her high school studies in Saint Terries School. After graduating from her high school at the age of 18, she joined Al Kudus Soul University (the saint soul university) and enrolled in vocalization classes where she was taught by the great musician Zaki Nassef.
Her first appearance was in the TV show “Layali Lebnan”, where she obtained the Miracle Kid certificate at the age of 10.

After graduating from the university in music and Vocals, she started participating in concerts around the world. Indeed, she performed solo and in collaboration with other artists in Australia, USA, Europe, Canada, and the Arabian Gulf countries.

Laura drew the attention of Rotana Music productions as a great talented artist, so the Label convinced her to sign a recording contract. Indeed, the deal was done successfully.

Later on, Laura released two albums that are till very successful.

During her career, she released 4 albums, including the two produced by Rotana, “Mithal Alqamar” in 2001, “sings love 2003”, “Ha taamel Eh” 2003, and “Hekayet” in 2008.

The song “Jari ya Hammouda”, borrowed from the Tunisian folklore, remains one of the most successful songs that she has ever performed, opening the door for a larger fame.
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