Eizen D. Broniac

Hey there everyone, Eizen D. Broniac here and welcome to my personal Dailymotion channel page! Since GoogleTube DOES NOT approve of my reviews, I've decided to make this channel my permanent home for them instead. Blind MLP viewings, My Little Brony Reviews, even some MLP Romhacks, you name it, I'll have them here. <br /> <br />Also, I'm now showcasing another series called Eizen Tries. If you watch Brad Jones on thecinemasnob.com, there's a segment he has on his website called Brad Tries, where he tries some common food/drinks and even some rare-made uncommon food/drinks either from foreign countries or discontinued items no longer sold in stores. Anyway, picture that, 'cept I just rely on the more common food/drinks I can get my hands on, I mostly try out some Energy Drinks tough.