THE PHARAOH<br /><br />Bilingual Emcee-ologist | Multi-Genre Avatar | Award-winning songwriter | The cure to this creative epidemic! http://www.iampharaoh.com<br /><br />At an early age, a love for music and dancing grew into a creative force from within. After countless dancefloors and a new respect for moving the crowd, The Pharaoh began to emcee and cultivate the art of lyrics and sound.<br />The best way to describe The Pharaoh's style of emceeing (rapping) is Cinematic, Versatile, & Lyrical! The Pharaoh's royal flow takes over any track with an undeniable sixth sense on how to capture the track's energy and emotion.<br /><br />When rapping, he projects a theatrical ability to sync physical expressions with his lyrics. Giving him a dynamic edge when commanding the stage with his magnetic presence. The Pharaoh is currently workiing on his hip hop mixtape debut "Dawn of the Emcee". A mixture of styles and themes dedicated to the art of hip hop and fans of both oldschool and newschool music worldwide.<br /><br />The Pharaoh's creative journey so far....<br /><br />A DJ/MC duo alongside TC Izlam for the first Kool FM Stateside show live on the radio and across the web in the primordial broadcasts of thewomb.com (1997).<br /><br />"Soular Council" live online music tv show alongside OmniSelekt / Wavlength MC (1998-2003)<br /><br />A DJ/MC host for the TV show Barcode (1998).<br /><br />1st emcee from the inception of the ground-breaking Beatcamp parties. (1999)<br /><br />Navigating historic moments on the mic as lead vocals, co-founder, and co-producer of the meta-hop drum n' bass band Council of the Sun. (2000-2004)<br /><br />Released the global underground hit album :<br />Council of the Sun - 6 Degrees of Culture - Psychic Tiger Records (2004)<br /><br />Latin Grand Prize co-winner of the John Lennon Songwriting contest. (2004)<br /><br />Lead vocals, co-founder, and co-producer of Latin Hip Hop & Dancehall sensations Tercera Vizion - "Ritmos Eternos" Psychic Tiger Records (2006)<br /><br />Emcee aliases :<br />EL FARAON<br />INERVOLT M>C<br /><br />Producer Alias:<br />ZEDEK DJAH