XPLOITEC is visuals colloboration of VJ PHOQ and VJ 304. The project has been ongoing in Helsinki and abroad since 2003. XPLOITEC visualizations are based on live triggering and creating narrative compositions by live mixing pre-edited material. XPLOITEC does club events and art projects by recycling all manner of visuals information that surrounds us. <br /><br />"The music is core of live mixing set. That offers a script for story telling. Beat-matching is essential to our style. We aim to create a narrative storyline of fast moving imagery and sharp edits, that last for entire set or parts of it. We want push our boundaries and, also , aim to give a critique of the media and expose its problems. Our surroundings are full of information, so much so that it is sometimes difficult live with it anymore. Xploiting the media is our way of dealing with it." <br /><br />-PHOQ and 304 <br /><br />XPLOITEC is part of Austrian VJ label Eye-Con <br />XPLOITEC colloborates with KORG equipments <br />XPLOITEC and AMOAMIAMO are GUERRILLA-VJ.ORG <br /><br />http://www.xploitec.org <br />http://www.guerrilla-vj.org