About Women's Soccer United<br />WE ARE WOMEN'S SOCCER UNITED<br /><br />We unite the players and fans of women's football (soccer) around the World who share the same passion and want to meet and share experiences and build a worldwide source of information.<br />Women's Soccer United is a place where players and fans share all their Worldwide women's football (soccer) experiences.<br />It is a community of passionate, women's soccer enthusiasts all with the same beliefs!<br />A destination with an indispensable source of information created by the fans who will not be held back by the lack of coverage and work together to change this.<br />Created to give people an engaging, entertaining, resourceful and interactive experience into women's football (soccer).<br />A place to find interesting news from grassroots to professional level and meet people with the same passion to converse with.<br />What makes us special?<br />The Members! Our team players that share a passion and are dedicated to gather and share their experiences and all news they've heard relating to the beautiful game.<br />Dedicated to creativity, self-expression and inspiration.<br />We except no boundaries or restrictions and will fight to get the players and fans of women's football around the world acknowledged and appreciated.<br />The more we unite and work together to raise the profile of the fastest growing team sport globally the better chance we have of being heard - don't forget to invite your friends and spread the word.