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    Stir Crazy (With Gimmicks) by Dan Hauss and The Blue Crown - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Drinking straws are everywhere. Millions of them are used each day in restaurants schools offices and more. Theyre an incredibly common ordinary item that nobody thinks about. Thats what makes Stir Crazy so incredibly powerful. Instead of using cards coins or suspicious props what could be more innocent than a straw
    Stir Crazy is a fresh effect from Dan Hauss the creative genius who brought you Rubbr Thruhand and Flow. This mind-boggling visual miracle allows you to unwrap a drinking straw visually TWIST the stripe on it and then return it to normal. The effect is incredibly easy to do and is perfect for the school cafeteria your professional table-hopping gig and more.
    Dan provides expert teaching on the method and presentation of Stir Crazy. Straws are included with the DVD so you can learn and perform along with Dan right away. Dan also includes an amazing bonus effect where you visually change the color of the stripes on a drinking straw and then give it away
    Straws Included
    Visual and Hard-Hitting
    Super Easy to do
    For Pros or Beginners
    Amazing Bonus Effects