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    FriendBook (DVD and Gimmicks) by David Taylor and Alakazam Magic - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    This could quite possibly be the most commercial trick ever invented. FriendBook could do for magic what FaceBook has done for social networking
    Dave Taylors FriendBook is a great prediction effect that everyone can relate to. Using the premise of a social networking site this is not only a bang up to date and relatable premise but also lends itself to a fun filled presentation
    You offer your spectator a once in a lifetime chance to join FriendBook the new social networking site thats going to take over the world. What makes FriendBook so good Well you get a great introduction pack and they even choose your first friend for you
    Your spectator is given the choice of accepting 1 of 5 possible friends. After they have considered their options they commit to accepting one of the lucky bunch as their first FriendBook buddy.
    Your spectator is reminded that FriendBook always knows who they would choose. You reveal FriendBooks prediction and it matches exactly.
    What makes FriendBook even better is the fact it focuses on a topic that is recognisable by spectators worldwide
    FriendBook has been designed to fit in your wallet. Its a self-working easy to perform miracle which includes durable props designed to last a lifetime.
    FriendBook will soon become your go to effect when you have a group of people you want to entertain at a drop of a hat
    Comes complete with Props and Instructional DVD