German Conductor Trinks "Shen Yun's Conductor is brilliant!"

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Shen Yun Perfuming Arts finished a four-show-run over the Easter holidays in Frankfurt.

Full Story:
Shen Yun Perfuming Arts finished a four-show-run over the Easter holidays in Frankfurt and left a deep impression on the audience.

Constantin Trinks, who attended one of the shows in Frankfurt, conducts symphony orchestras and operas in Germany, Austria and Japan.

[Constantin Trinks, Conductor]:
"Yes, I'm deeply impressed. I have experienced this the first time today. The show in full length. Of course you are quite flooded by the impressions. Perhaps I can't say anything concrete yet, because I have to digest it first. It is really enormous to see, that all of this is a total work of art. With live music, with especially composed music. Well the choreography is individual anyway. It was really impressive."

Shen Yun's Orchestra combines traditional Chinese instruments with the instruments of a classical symphony orchestra.

[Constantin Trinks, Conductor]:
"I was very pleased with the orchestra, they played technically very precise, the conductor is brilliant! Of course what gives it a special appeal is the combination of Western and Eastern instruments, which were foreign for my ears, but which were wonderfully harmonious together. There was nothing that didn't work together. It really is a combination, that is completely new for me and which works wonderfully."

Conductor Trinks emphasizes the importance of the spirituality in Shen Yun's show.

[Constantin Trinks, Conductor]:
"I think this is really important. In my opinion it is shown unexpectedly unconcealed, but I think it is just part of that culture, that you say it very directly and show it directly. Sure with poetic words, but especially in the songs, it is said quite direct, what goes wrong in today's China. And of course to ban spirituality from life by prohibition is a crime. So I think this message is really important. I hope that also the Western audience takes a bit of it with them, because in our Western world, well it changes now a bit, but the religious part does not play the leading role in our daily life. So I think it is important not just for China, but also for the whole world to remember and also to see, that there is such a company like Shen Yun, which actually transmits this message."

Shen Yun is currently performing a two show run in Prague before continuing it's European tour in Sweden.

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