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    Boutique Fashion Designer Praises Shen Yun


    by NTDTelevision

    Many people find something special about the culture, dance and music portrayed by the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts.

    For Akira Isogawa, a boutique fashion designer originally from Japan, the show’s movements were impressive.

    [Akira Isogawa, Women’s Fashion Designer]:
    “I liked the show very much; the movement was great to watch; I imagine it takes an amazing amount of discipline to be able to move so beautifully.”

    Isogawa says he liked how the dance costumes highlighted the movement.

    [Akira Isogawa, Women’s Fashion Designer]:
    “The effect, for example, that the costume had with the long sleeve with the movement was particularly impressive.”

    As a fashion professional, he noticed there was something unique about the costumes.

    [Akira Isogawa, Women’s Fashion Designer]:
    “What I saw tonight was a costume designed for stage and it also enhanced the movement of the performance and I thought it worked really well.”

    Shen Yun performances will continue in Sydney until May 19.