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    Cello (Blue Gimmick) by Mickael Chatelain - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Once again Mickael Chatelain is offering a curious new experiment
    Imagine the passing of matter through matter. A passage so clean that it could be done only by magic
    In less time than it takes to write this you will be able to transform a your deck of cards your pack of chewing gum or your pack of cigarettes into a formidable magical prop
    Borrow a single coin from a spectator.
    From your pocket take out your pack of chewing gum or cigarettes. Show it from all sides. Theres nothing to see.
    Show clearly that your pack is enclosed all around by cellophane.
    Bring the spectators coin up against the pack and rub it slowly against the cellophane. In a few seconds you take your hands away and your spectators will notice that the coin has penetrated the cellophane
    Illusion or not Pull back the cellophane just a bit and your spectators will see that the penetrations is real - the coin is really trapped in the cellophane In order to free the coin you or your spectator will have to pull the cellophane all the way back.
    Illusion or not Immediately hand out everything to your spectator for close examination. The cellophane is absolutely ordinary as is the coin. No openings or trickery. The coin of course can be examined. Remember you can borrow it. How is it possible that in full view a single coin could pass through an ordinary cellophane wrap Your spectators will be wondering for a long time
    You should remember the following
    Cello is really easy to do. You will doubtless carry it with you at all times.
    The coin is on the other side of the cellophane in a fraction of a second with no manipulation.
    Choose your own presentation - with a card case pack of cigarettes or chewing gum.
    Hand everything out for examination right away as the workings are completely undetectable.
    The effect is extremely convincing as nothing is hidden from the spectator. You bring a coin up to the cellophane and