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    Watcher (BLUE DVD and Gimmick) by Mickael Chatelain - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A very clever gimmick for learning the identity of a selected card.
    Thanks to an invisible device you will be able to secretly know all cards hidden by the spectator himself in a Bicycle card case.
    You will see the selected card as if you were looking through the card case. The spectator will see nothing even though hes the one holding it
    Watcher is really a must-have close-up tool. It takes only a second to learn the card and you can show the card case on all sides - theres absolutely nothing to see
    Very easy to do the accompanying DVD explains absolutely everything.
    Heres a sample presentation
    Hand your deck to a spectator. Invite him to examine and shuffle it while your back is turned. The spectator follows your instructions and freely chooses and notes a card. He then puts his card in the card case and closes it.
    So no one besides the spectator knows the value of the card locked away in the case.
    You turn back towards the spectator and explain that you have the memory of an elephant. You take back the pack of the 51 remaining cards which you quickly look over. You think for a few seconds and then announce that the one card missing is the queen of spades.
    Ask the spectator to open the case and take out the card he had hidden away there. Its the queen of spades Incredible
    How the devil have you been able to memorize the entire deck in just a few seconds and figure out the only missing card Your spectators will be mulling this one over for a long time
    Thanks to Watcher this well-known routine is very easy to do.
    No force of any kind of course.
    As in the demonstration video though you will be able to see the card inside the case your spectators will see absolutely nothing
    Watcher will allow you to present incredible feats of mentalism memory and prediction as well as many other effects.