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    Ellen Sussman on her Brother's Womanizing



    Ellen Sussman on her Brother's Womanizing
    Cody's Books - Cody's Books
    Ellen Sussman returns with Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex, a playful take on bedroom talk -- a smart, funny encyclopedia with entries written by notable contemporary writers.This witty reference steps in where time-honored discussions of the birds and the bees typically fall short.Everything from celibacy to promiscuity, hand jobs to sex toys is tackled by everyone's favorite writers including Steve Almond, Patricia Marx, Phillip Lopate, and Antonya Nelson.From sexual relationships (monogamy, one-night stand, ménage a trois) to sexual positions, from age-old practices to contemporary twists, this alphabetical encyclopedia includes everything you need to know about the language of love and more - Cody's Books