God of War: Ascension Intrudes Blu-ray Film, Next-Generation A Workflow Obstacle, and Madden NFL 13 Vita Undergoes Additional Quality Control - Nick's Gaming View Episode #80

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Coming up today on Nick's Gaming View: God of War: Ascension intrudes on upcoming Blu-ray film, next-generation video game development a workflow obstacle, and Madden NFL 13 undergoes another phase of quality control for PlayStation Vita, THIS IS NICK'S GAMING VIEW!

Hello everyone and welcome to Nick's Gaming View, you are here with your host, Nick McCandless. God of War: Ascension, unarguably one of the most anticipated video game releases for 2013, is set to deliver an early access intrusion for those who pick up the action-packed film, Total Recall on Blu-ray. Releasing December 18th , owners of the Director's Cut Total Recall Blu-ray and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack will receive the same God of War: Ascension Single Player demo showcased during E3 2012 featuring enticing gameplay mechanics and action-packed combat systems that define the God of War experience. As if the incredible Len Wiseman film was not enough to warrant a purchase of the upcoming Blu-ray release, owners of Sony's PlayStation 3 now have an additional incentive that could spike sales in the right direction.

While the visuals implemented within God of War: Ascension are incredibly eye grabbing and satisfying for fans of gore splashing combat, expectations for the next generation PlayStation and Xbox are ramping up as the Wii U prepares for its launch November 18 th . In fact, according to the managing director of PlayStation's United Kingdom division, the demand for next generation preparation has placed a remarkable amount of hiccups in the development workflow for many studios. With the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and the next-generation PlayStation all requiring heavy development resources, finding and utilizing the resources available is a challenge in which PlayStation is well aware of and if PlayStation's word is anything to consider credible, a solid holiday plan leading into 2013 is well underway.

Finishing off the PlayStation-filled news day, the buggy release of Madden NFL 13 on PlayStation Vita has underwent an after release phase of quality control fixing and improving the numerous issues present when Madden NFL 13 debuted on the Vita in North America on August 28 th . Downfalls such as the disturbing hitches in between plays, confusingly distant camera angles, and more have been addressed with the large patch update for Madden NFL 13 on Vita bringing the portable release up to the quality levels of the current consoles. Well that concludes today's episode of Nick's Gaming View but be sure to follow me on Twitter @NickMcCandless and check back daily for Nick's Gaming View for your daily access pass for all things gaming.

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