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My name is Nick McCandless and I am the Editor In Chief of Along with managing the site, I host my own video show (Nick's Gaming View). I am working my hardest to break into the media industry to become a host of a national television show. I love the gaming industry as a whole and love to inform gamers of the latest news and happenings. I am interested in working with experienced groups and communicating with those who are at the top of the food chain in the Television & Broadcasting industry through my show, Nick’s Gaming View.

Nick’s Gaming View is a show that I do weekly to bring gamers an unbiased opinion on the latest gaming/tech news and happenings. I have conducted several interviews within my show that have grabbed viewer’s interests. My dream is to have my own show on national television and leave my mark on this industry.

Although I am currently deep into the gaming and tech industry, I would LOVE to experience the Entertainment business as a whole including movies, music, videogames, etc. I want to be an all around television host that represents the Entertainment business and provides the community with someone who they can trust and know will strive to improve the show for the better.

I am working my hardest to get my name out there and bring in as much viewers as possible. I am up for anything that will help me grow and lead me to my goal of becoming a national television host. I truly want to make a living off of this and progress further from there on out. I look forward to speaking with anyone that is able to provide an opportunity and is willing to work together to make this as big of a success as possible. I look forward to working with the many great networks out there and see what we can accomplish together!