Road Crew Paints Over Dead Raccoon

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Road Crew Paints Over Dead Raccoon - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Do you ever wonder what happens to road kill? And what if one of those dead animals gets in the way of roadwork?

One crew, working in Pennsylvania painted those famous yellow, roadway lines right over a dead raccoon. A local motorist, Sean McAfee says “When I saw it, I almost wrecked my motorcycle because I was laughing so hard”. According to reports, workers saw the road kill and attempted to stop the paint gun, but it was too late. Although the raccoon remnants have since been removed, a gap in the yellow lines remains where the animal once laid. A Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesperson states, “A mistake was made and it's getting quite a bit of attention and not in the right light”.

In a similar report, workmen near Hampshire in the UK, used a different approach. Instead of painting over a dead badger, they simply drove around it and kept on painting, leaving a gap in the line.

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WTF!!! o.o
By Gonzalo Guillermo Sanchez 3 years ago