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    Road Crew Paints Lines Over Fallen Leaves

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    Road crews are all too often in a hurry to quickly get something done. That was the case for workers for the City of Memphis, who recently painted over leaves and brush instead of the pavement.

    Road crews are often in a hurry to complete their work and with fall leaves in abundance these days, things can get tricky.

    That appeared to be the case for workers in the City of Memphis, who recently painted over leaves and brush piled up on the road.

    Local residents weren't too happy that portions of the road got missed, insisting it was a waste of tax dollars, however officials for the city claimed the job was done up to par and completed the best it could have been given the circumstances.

    The seemingly hasty job was carried out on Crumpler Road. However the leaves were scattered near the edge of the street where the striping was supposed to be painted. Instead of moving the debris out of the way, crews opted to work right over them, leading many to believe the staffers were lazy in their efforts.

    John Cameron, a city engineer, noted the line painting is done with help from a three vehicle convoy and that once the trucks get moving, it’s far safer to keep going down the road.

    Cameron said the crews were reminded to stop the paint stream when driving over debris in the future.