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    Weiner photos are real, and he's sorry, says Weiner

    49 流覽量 When pic of Anthony Weiner's crotch appeared in his Twitter feed, the congressman blamed hackers. He attacked Andrew Breitbart for spreading the story. The liberal media initially were eager to believe Weiner. Some publications vigorously defended him. But suspicions about Weiner's story were confirmed when Meaghan Broussard forwarded to Breitbart pictures she had received from Weiner. Broussard exchanged messages and racy photos with Weiner until things got out of hand. Another woman said she exchanged 200 sexy messages with Weiner. He asked to see her crotch. The two had phone sex. Now that Breitbart has released more photos, Weiner has finally admitted online relationships with six women. Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation. Will Weiner be forced to resign?