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    Taiwan rocks! Next Media Animation makes CNN list of Taiwan strengths

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    What makes Taiwan superior? In a recent report, CNN made a list featuring Taiwan's top ten strengths compared to other countries around the world, and our very own company, Next Media Animation (NMA), also made the list.

    NMA, which churns out news animations on a daily basis at a production rate of 90 minutes per animation, was fifth on the list. Based in Taiwan, NMA uses cutting edge technology to animate various types of news from across the globe. Although famous for producing satirical animations with a sarcastic edge, NMA also proudly produces hard news pieces that are distributed to news agencies worldwide.

    Night markets made the top of the list, with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau reporting that some 70% of tourists will visit at least one of 300 different night markets to try Taiwan's xiao-chi, or "small eats."

    Themed restaurants were also featured prominently in second place. Taiwan is home to toilet-, prison-, hospital-, school- and airplane food-themed restaurants.

    The third on the list was Taiwan's widespread free WiFi service, followed by the National Palace Museum's largest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world, which include at least 650,000 historical items from China.

    In sixth place was the vegetarian fare, with Taiwan being one of the world's most vegetarian-friendly destinations. One of the Taiwanese public's favorite sports, baseball, made seventh on the list.

    Taiwan's eighth strength was listed as its national health insurance, which has one of the lowest administrative costs of any national health coverage in the world, at only two percent.

    Let's not forget about Taiwan's Hello Kitty obsession, with the first Hello Kitty restaurant established in Taiwan. And of course, there is Din Tai Fung restaurant, famous worldwide for their delicious soup dumplings.


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