Laurent Polynomials in Mirror Symmetry - Victor Przyjalkowski - Edinburgh Geometry Seminar

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Date: Thursday 13th October 2011
Speaker: Victor Przyjalkowski (Moscow, Vienna).

Title: Laurent Polynomials in Mirror Symmetry

Abstract: We discuss quantitative properties of Mirror Symmetry correspondence
for Fano varieties. Laurent polynomials naturally appear in this picture.
They describe (the essential part of) dual Landau--Ginzburg models for Fanos.
They are related to toric degenerations of the initial Fano varieties.
Their relative compactifications are candidates for Landau--Ginzburg
models from the Homological Mirror Symmetry point of view.
We consider our main example --- Fano threefolds.
We discuss why Landau--Ginzburg model (for given Fano variety)
represented by Laurent polynomial is unique and why it is not unique.


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