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    Balloon Art: How to Make Corsage?

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Balloon Art: How to Make Corsage? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I would like to show you now one of my favorite creations that I make and I do this on almost every party and I definitely make this for the mother who hired me for their child's birthday party. It is a corsage. Let me show you how I make it. What you want to do is get a 260, blow it up but then let a lot of the air out, like that. You want to make this balloon soft so want to let the air out and stretch it. Make it nice and soft. Now you are going to need another balloon. I will go ahead and use a lime green 260 and then do the same thing. It does not matter how much air, we are not going to use that much of the balloon but you want to let it get nice and soft, and then you are going to tie the two balloons together, nossel to nossel, just like this. OK. Now what we are going to do is we are going to make a series of six bubbles. All about the same size. I always like to give them a squeeze between each one to make them even softer. Because we are going to do some mean things to this balloon in a few minutes. So you are going to make six: that is four, five... Six bubbles just like. And then what you are going to do is you are going to take this balloon and stick it under your arm like that so that it does not come undone like it did there. So you are going to make another series of six bubbles. You are just going to make two and then twist them together. What is great about this balloon is people do not know what you are doing but it is very entertaining while you are making them. So then you have two, then you twist those two together like that. Then you twist this bubble back. So then just keep on going, you are going to make your final two, then twist those together, just like that. Now what I do is I pinch right where the last two twists are, to hold them because what you are going to do now is take your scissors and you are going to cut off the rest of this balloon at the very end. Just like this. Take one of the balloons, tuck it in between to secure it and then tie a knot, just like that. So you get this really cool looking shape but it is going to get even cooler in just a second because what you are going to do is you are going to z-fold it. You want to make sure that your colors are alternating. Very important that the colors are alternating just like this. Then you are going to z-fold it like this. So you are making a Z or an S. And then where we are going to do, this is the hard part is you are going to have this z and we are going to twist right down the middle of all these three. The easiest way to do that is grab one half in one hand and the other half in the other hand, pull them apart and give them a twist, just like this. And when you do that you get a really cool corsage where the colors are alternating just like that. And then what you can do is you can either take the very end of a 260, just tie a knot in it. Or you can take a 5 inch round, put just a little bit of air, just like that. And you have a nice corsage, just like this, and you can tie this around their wrist or I have even put it around peoples' necks before when they asked me to, like that. So it is really popular and everybody loves them and I cannot make enough of them sometimes. So that is the corsage from Big Wind balloons.