Student Demonstration London 09.12.2010

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My video diary of the student demonstration in London on Thursday the 9th of December 2010.


A remarkable day and night,. A turning point in our history.Lies and brutality exposed by thousands of citizens armed with cameras. The thin veneer of democracy has worn away. The world can see what we are up against.. Maximum love and respect to all the beautiful souls who came out that day. One day we will show these little videos of the 'bad old days' to our grandchildren....Thanks for your kind comments, one love !!!
By CaseyDeiss 3 years ago
O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't!

Thanks for this video Casey, I didn't think anyone had caught any of the action near Broad Sanctuary. Caught the spirit of the day well, I'm even in it briefly!
By Callumny 3 years ago
@Horanzu-I did not reference my comment to the book but rather to this new generation of Brave Fighters taking their World back!!! Don't waste my time with stupid trivia! Read deeply into my comment or ignore it
By FAGINETTE 3 years ago
@FAGINETTE I don't think you've read Brave New World.
By Horanzu 3 years ago
Bless the hearts of these young people standing as a Brave New World and not the morons the government thought they were!! There's no turning back now and England will never be the same- our country has tarnished itself!!
Citizen Quill, thank you for being there! Power to the People!!
By FAGINETTE 3 years ago

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