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Congratulations to the ridiculously named 'Dailymotion' Sounds like a euphemism for having a shit. The overkill with the shitty adverts on here makes youtube look restrained. FUCK YOU AND YOUR ADVERTISING REVENUE !!!
Last year by CaseyDeiss
Sorry, I don't come here much any more the advert overkill and the irritating way the videos auto play beyond my control. I just can't help coming to the conclusion that this place is run by assholes. Vimeo offers much better quality and no stupid adverts tacked on to your videos.
3 years ago by CaseyDeiss
I'd say money hungry wankers who are now censoring vids as they wish!! Media don't want truth to be made available unless it's been on there chopping block 1st ! Fuck em all !!
3 years ago by FAGINETTE
Dailymotion is run by a bunch little chimps who masturbate over adverts and copyright. The poor man's youtube seeks desperately to carry corporate favour, pathetic, just like the quality of their video playback, I don't think I'll bother posting here anymore.
3 years ago by CaseyDeiss

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