Rescue Work Continues for Trapped Miners in Chile

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There’s some hope for the Chilean miners who have been trapped underground for several weeks now. Rescue workers have started to drill an escape shaft, but it could take months to complete.

Workers prepare to start drilling an escape shaft to rescue 33 trapped Chilean miners.

The bid to rescue the miners will be extremely challenging.

It could take between two to four months.

The head engineer says a vertical shaft will lead straight down to the miners' shelter.

[Andre Sougarret, Engineer in Charge of Rescue Operation]:
"We're already making the last connections and in that way we hope to initiate this construction of the vertical shaft that's near 90 degrees, just over the shelter where the men are."

The miners have been trapped since a cave-in 25 days ago.

They are stuck in a hot and humid tunnel 700 meters, or 2,300 feet underground.

The confined space could affect their psychological health and doctors told them to move to a deeper location to reduce exposure to humidity.

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