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    Trapped Chile Miners Conditions Improve


    by NTDTelevision

    New video footage shows trapped miners in Chile receiving food parcels and other essentials. The men are shown to be in good health, and very appreciative of all the support they are receiving.

    A new video shot by the trapped Chilean miners released on Wednesday shows they are clean, healthy and more confident than in last week's recording.

    In the five-minute video the men are seen receiving new beds, food and water supplies through a narrow shaft - their only connection to the outside world.

    One miner narrated the video, showing the holes where shipments, know as "palomas" or doves by the miners, arrive.

    The trapped miners are very grateful for the rescue efforts.

    "We thank you for the concern you have had with us, especially our government. The truth is that we are very proud and very happy to be Chilean and we are even more glad and proud to be miners.”

    "Greetings to everyone out there. Many thanks for all your effort and for working 24/7. We are very grateful to you and we will have the patience to wait until you rescue us.”

    Rescuers started drilling a 26-inch diameter shaft on Monday evening that will be used to evacuate the miners one at a time in a cage attached to a pulley.

    Health officials have sent them high-protein, high-calorie foods in narrow plastic tubes, to help them build up their strength after spending 17 days entombed before they were found alive.

    The miners have given priority to the older people for the beds they now have.

    They have also been enjoying the music they received - Mexican rancheras, Puerto Rican reggaeton and Dominican meringue.