Sooper Goop (1976)

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A 13-minute animated short featuring an actor and an advertising man who create a deceptive television commercial for Sooper Goop cereal. (The film's intent is to reveal advertising techniques used to sell products that children really don't need). The film centers on Rodney, an animated cat who stars in TV commercials as he explains the campaign for Sooper Goop, a new sweet cereal. Rodney the cat is speaking with the head of the company on gimmicks to sell the cereal. One idea was the "free toy inside" ploy. The free toy was false teeth for use when kids' teeth rotted out from eating the cereal.

A quick, unabashed look at the downside of "kids' cereals" and hard-sell marketing, through the fictional brand Sooper Goop; an overpriced, over-processed, candied, chemically-enriched, bad excuse for nutrition. Kid-friendly, with a lesson easy to understand, and impossible to forget.