Sorry, Dailymotion cut me off... Here's a streaming audio file of the theme I made from memory: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1lkUTLMzhmO
September by Hollagator
I've been searching for an unknown short, probably from Pinwheel, but I can only remember the music and literally nothing at all about the short. I have done a lot of web searching so it's none of the obvious shorts everyone knows plus I watched all of your Pinwheel uploads and it's not there. You have so much great stuff from that era, I thought maybe I'd see if it rang any bells. Here's a
September by Hollagator
Very cool uploads! I heard Richard Williams Animation worked on a General Mills Fruit Rollup ad.. or four! I'm looking for maybe #3, but enough about me! Great channel, you have so much richness here! :D
July by SoreThumb
Keep up the good work, Chris! I'm doing my part in bringing more retro stuff to DM by currently shifting most if not all of my YT library to this site.
Last year by drmuttonchops3