Mormon Missionary's Manipulation & Programming EXPOSED!!

Samuel the Utahnite
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This is a clip from the PBS Documentary..highly endorsed by the Mormon Hierarchy & even linked to on, exposing the Mormon's manipulation/coercion techniques that are being currently taught in the Missionary Training Centers(MTC). It's amazing that they wanted the world to actually see this, giving PBS full access to the MTC classes & it should be highly embarrassing to all Mormons. It's obvious that they're very proud of their cult techniques. Can you imagine Scientology allowing someone to videotape this shit? Their techniques have advanced since I was there & now include videotaping the missionaries & critiquing them on how they express & hold themselves & how they look in any given situation. It's amazing to me that they are now even training them on how and when to SMILE...HOLY SHIT...and I thought it was bad when I was there? How desperate is this Mormon cult becoming, as more and more people are leaving and less are joining, due to the Internet and bullshit like this!!