Samuel the Utahnite

All of the videos that you will find in this channel, are to help show the world the damaging teachings, doctrines, and "real truth" of the Mormon cult. <br /><br />Mormonism is a very destructive and dangerous cult, that tears apart families and destroys relationships. <br /><br />If anyone out there is thinking of becoming a Mormon, or taking the missionary discussions, please watch these videos, check out my web pages, listen to my podcasts and do your own research to confirm the truth of what I'm saying. <br /><br />I'm very confident that if you do these things, you WILL NOT want to become a Mormon and will be able to see the light, before they suck you into their black hole. <br /><br />I was a faithful member of the Mormon Church for over 30 years and I never doubted that it was true, not even for a second. <br /><br />I served an honorable two year mission in Argentina, went to BYU, was married in the temple and about 1 year ago, I began a journey that led me to the truth about Mormonism; that it is a complete lie and total fraud!! <br /><br />I only want to help others to discover what I have found and to know the "REAL TRUTH" and then be able to better deal with the pain of their discovery. <br /><br />As I always like to say, the truth shall set us free, because truth is freedom!! <br /><br />Take care everyone and best wishes, <br /><br />Samuel the Utahnite