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    Mormon Mission Pres Allan Pratt On Masturbation!!

    Samuel the Utahnite

    by Samuel the Utahnite

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    Those "filthy pornographic pop-ups", are not random...they pop up because of someone's prior search for pornography. Protesteth too much, brother?
    By DakinilalobaLast year
    Poin Doink
    If God intended men to go on missions and not masturbate, wouldn't he have made them not go through puberty until after their missions are over and they get married? It seems the Mormons are going against God's plan.
    By Poin Doink3 years ago
    @ToulouseRM Dude, I was there at the same time as you and these "serious problems" of which you speak were not due to missionaries masturbating. Also, Al Pratt was a pompous prick who thought he could do whatever the fuck he wanted. He didn't rule "by the spirit" as the saying goes. He was a tool, an ass, and didn't give a fuck about his missionaries. He is the same power intoxicated type I've seen all over the church who think just because they have some high calling that they can do no wrong. And it takes a lot of balls and bravery to stand up to this tripe by recording and posting this type of bullshit to the internet to show the world how fucked up mormonism really is.
    By kakapoopooshizfestor3 years ago
    Please tell me this man is not a real physician! If so, he knows both medically and biologically that what he said is false. Masturbation is normal and healthy; to say otherwise is a lie. If he knows this is a lie, but can still lie so easily about it, what does that say about his credibility? His trustworthiness? When he blames their inability to convince strangers to convert to their religion on the fact that they masturbate, versus looking at other possible causes of that inability, then threatens their salvation and souls over this, he is scapegoating them and abusing his authority over them as both a religious man and as a doctor. Our concern is not a religious quibble, at this point. Why is this man still a doctor? Has his state licensing board in the US, or any medical society there which he belongs to, such as the AMA, looked into this? Does he say this in his medical office to all his patients? Wouldn't substituting his religion for sound medical advice, count as malpractice?
    By bookratt4 years ago
    I was a missionary in the France Toulouse Mission from 2001 to 2003. I served under President Pratt . It was not the first time that the President Pratt talked about masturbation. A couple of things:1) President Pratt is a good man and a good leader. He helped me out in many occasions throughout my mission. I only have good things to say about him and his family. My family are not members and they always went the extra mile with them.2) I think this is a cowardly way of "exposing" the truth. If you had concerns or issues that you were being manipulated then you should have addressed them at the time. Just shows weakness of character. 3) There were some serious problems at the time in the mission. I was there. I know about them. When you sign up to be a missionary you accept to play by the rules. That includes not playing with your instrument. If you prefer to "play music" all day long then you shouldn't have gone. But wait daddy promised a new car when you get back...
    By ToulouseRM4 years ago
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