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    Hal Kemp & His Orchestra - (I'm Going) Shopping With You


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    Hal Kemp (1904-1940) was a jazz alto saxophonist, clarinetist, bandleader, composer, and arranger. Art Jarrett took on leadership of Kemp's orchestra in 1941, after Kemp's death in a car accident. At the University he formed Carolina Club Orchestra. This first group toured Europe in the summer of 1924 under the sponsorship of popular bandleader Paul Specht. Kemp returned to UNC in 1925 and put together a new edition of the Carolina Club Orchestra, In 1932, during the height of the Depression, Kemp decided to lead the band in a new direction. One of the main reasons for the band's success was arranger John Scott Trotter. Singer Skinnay Ennis had difficulty sustaining notes, so Trotter came up with the idea of filling in these gaps with muted trumpets playing staccato triplets. Hal Kemp's compositions included "Blue Rhythm", "In Dutch with the Duchess", "Five Steps to Love" and others. This excellent record was made in 1935. Vocal by Sknnay Ennis.