Dear listeners: this channel is devoted to 20's and 30's music. I believe all music posted on this channel to be PUBLIC DOMAIN. Should anyone nevertheless consider their ownership of music or recordings to be infringed, please let me know before lodging a complaint with the site management, and after receiving proof of ownership I'll gladly remove the contested video. Indeed, this channel is purely intended for sharing rare and usually commercially unavailable recordings. Thank you for your understanding.


Ginny Karyn (gigi129)
Patrick, Thank you so much for your great comment on The Story Of Josette and Barnabas! I had a hard time replying on the video page so I thank you here too!!! :-) G :-)
Il y a 2 semaines par Ginny Karyn (gigi129)
Boston Blackie
P thanks for your comment re: DM problems. I have added my Facebook URL to my page for my DM friends to use. http://facebook.com/JohnBlake
Il y a 3 semaines par Boston Blackie
David Michael Cullen
Hello Patrick...Thank you for your nice comment on my recently uploaded Original Song Video....Much appreciated...Have a great weekend....Regards....Dave
Jean Campbell Collen
I'm so sorry that my link didn't work for you, Patrick. I made it private as I didn't want to be violating copyright restrictions. As far as I know all the members of my Facebook group could see it. The link to that is https://www.facebook.com/groups/booth.ziegler/ if you should be on Facebook. Regards, Jean.

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