Dear listeners: this channel is devoted to 20's and 30's music. I believe all music posted on this channel to be PUBLIC DOMAIN. Should anyone nevertheless consider their ownership of music or recordings to be infringed, please let me know before lodging a complaint with the site management, and after receiving proof of ownership I'll gladly remove the contested video. Indeed, this channel is purely intended for sharing rare and usually commercially unavailable recordings. Thank you for your understanding.


Il y a une semaine par kspm0220s
Jack, indeed I did have a successful YT channel 5 yrs ago, but it was plagued by massive real and fake copyright claims till I was suspended. Despite the technical glitches, rejection % on this site is less than 5% whereas on YT it was almost a daily matter. Hence, I still prefer this relatively quiet environment.
Il y a une semaine par kspm0220s
Boston Blackie
P......I was wondering, in view of the many DM "problems" if you have ever considered posting on Youtube? Might be a good secondary outlet for your creations. Most of us are probably there. Find me as "Boston Blackie."
Il y a 3 semaines par Boston Blackie
En décembre par kspm0220s

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